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Company Profile

Company Profile

PT.BERKAT MITRA LIMA PILAR is a private company that was founded on March 20th, which is engaged in the Property & Real Estate.We also serve in the field of tourism, namely Travel & Tour. Along with the rapid development of companies and sophisticated technology. In carrying out its business, PT.BERKAT MITRA LIMA PILAR supported by professional human resources in their field and committed to provide satisfaction to its customers.

We Serve the service field of the property, namely:

> Property Management
PT. BERKAT MITRA LIMA PILAR has experience in building management, which currently has managed several office buildings in the Jakarta area. With our experience we are determined to be able to develop into a reliable company in the field of property management

> Property Agent
PT. BERKAT MITRA LIMA PILAR is supported by reliable marketing personnel and committed to assist and bridge the trust of sellers and buyers in the process of buying/selling or renting of the desired property easily, quickly and securely.

> Contractor
PT. BERKAT MITRA LIMA PILAR, Serve the dreging land and transport materials as preparation of the project you will do and receive land excavation for the foundation of your project land

> Travel & Tour
Mitra Pilar Travel, offer you ideas in creating your own personalized tour itinerary. We offer you flexibility in choosing your tour programs & packages that best suits you, including types & standards of accommodation, destinations, and even the length of time you wish to travel.